Camper Spotlight

Tayla Englehart
Cleveland, Ohio

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Talya Engelhart is in 11th grade at Fuchs Mizrachi High School. She just completed Mach Hach this summer.


Mach Hach Hesder was by far the best summer of my life. I have to admit, at first signing up for a summer of learning was intimidating, but once I got there, it was nothing like I expected it to be. The learning was fun, focusing on things that were interesting to us, and doing hands on activities, like making honey and grape juice. The girls had the honor of learning with Rav Yair Eizenstock who did a great job of making the learning fun and interactive.

The best part about Hesder week was the immediate friendships made. Both the boys and the girls were able to form strong friendships in the first week, and we quickly became a cohesive group. But Hesder week was nothing compared to the touring portion. We toured the places we learned about during Hesder week, and we really covered Israel top to bottom. Before the fist hike they gave us each a large map of Israel, and everywhere we went we placed a mark. It was really cool to see all the places we covered after the summer was over.

The experiences and friendships made on Mach Hach Hesder were really amazing and are ones that I will never forget.

I went on Mach Hach knowing Israel, but I left Mach Hach loving Israel.